My Literal No Joke Favorite Exfoliator Ever

Note: This article will have photos later today! Technical issues mean that it’s going to take a bit. Sorry!

Anyone who has listened to basically anything I’ve ever said about skincare will know it’s something I don’t have particularly educated opinions about. I like things that smell good, or have a gimmick, or that I don’t have to wash off because I really am that lazy. My skincare routine at its simplest (aka when I’m not trying out said gimmicky or smelly masks) is;
Shower. Fine, it’s not a product or anything but it’s important both in the opens-up-your-pores sense and the basic-self-care sense. At what was probably the worst point in my depression spiral, I showered once a month. Now I shower once a day and every time am somehow genuinely surprised that I end up feeling better about myself when I’m clean.
Take a face cloth (My mother gets ones in giant packs at Costco) and soak it in hot/warm water. Hold it over any problem areas for a minute or so and then softly scrub. I’m told this helps get the gunk out of your pores, but it also feels good.
Use Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser to wash my face. I don’t actually have much to say about this product. Like, it’s fine. I’ve also been known to use Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Long Lasting Cleansing Mask which is also one of those face washes that I like but don’t really have much to say about.
See? Pretty Simple. Vaguely boring, but enough so to keep breakouts on my I-think-it-might-be-oily-but-who-even-knows skin to a minimum. But it is not these products that take my skin from normal decent face skin that’s been properly taken care of for once to the soft silk of the gods that- when those dang stress breakouts leave me alone- means I don’t feel weird whenever I skip wearing foundation. Which is a lot. No, the credit for the genuine alchemy that happens to my skin goes to Dr. G’s Peeling Gel.
(Well, okay, there’s actually a lot of factors when it comes to skincare and no matter what works great with my skin it doesn’t mean it will work great on yours. For instance, my parents both dealing with extreme acne in the past means that I’ve basically been being proactive about anti-acne measures since I was tall enough to actually see my reflection in the bathroom mirror. For those wondering, I’m basically on the oilier end of combination with the tiniest pores on Earth that are the actual bane of my existence. I may be prone to hyperbole, but I am not saying that this is some kind of cure all no matter how much I love it.)
You can get Dr. G’s from Amazon, which feels kind of like proof that the universe can be a kind and lovely place. Only a little bit is needed- about a pea-sized amount, though I sometimes use more because I’m a masochist who wants to buff away her skin into nothingness- so the bottle you get will last you literally forever.
Dr. G’s is technically an exfoliator in the way that I’m technically emotional. That is to say, it feels like such an extreme example that it transcends the original definition. Dr. G’s will somehow use magic (science) to completely change the texture of your skin and I burst into tears at the sight of a balloon with its air let out.
There’s no good way to describe the way the Peeling Gel works that doesn’t make it sound like the grossest most unpleasant thing ever. This is because, technically, its gimmick is that it makes all your dead skin peel off and roll up on your face in the single yuckiest thing ever that’s absolutely fantastic. In reality, the gunk that shows up on your face when you use it and products like it is mainly the product itself, stiffening up after contact with the oils on your face to provide gentle physical exfoliation along with the chemical exfoliation (If I’m not wrong, the ingredients that do this are cellulose and C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer). So don’t worry, your face isn’t some kind of dead skin wasteland and you aren’t losing what seems like an entire layer of skin whenever you use it. I know some people find these things a scam because it’s not “really your skin” but trust me, that’s a good thing. You don’t want all that skin coming off your face and the results you get are still amazing. I’ve been using Dr. G’s for literally more than a year now (which is impressive when you realize that I still haven’t finished the bottle) and it’s one of those products I can only really use superlatives for. It’s cheap enough that it’s something you can try out without investing too much dough in, but I’m pretty sure you’ll love it once you get over the kinda gross factor.
One final note though; be sure to get the gentlest variety you can find, though, because the it-kind-of-feels-like-my-face-got-sandblasted-but-in-a-good-way stuff I use is literally the most minimal of all of them.

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