Welcome To The Fashion Cult

Blogs, as strange as it sounds, are somewhat of a dying medium these days. With the advent of of things like listicles and being Instagram famous, there’s no real necessity to sit down and slog through a bunch of what now must bafflingly be called longform entries (Longform, in this case, meaning that they take up a whole two or three pages. Double spaced.). And on this sinking ship, a few more sorry souls hop on with the mission of going straight down into Davy Jones’s Locker. Who can be blamed for this act of needless martyrdom? Who could be held accountable?
The Fashion Cult is a blog made for people who love the strange parts of fashion and beauty; the avant-garde, the subcultures, the political bits that some people might wish were swept under the rug. We celebrate every aspect of style from the teen punks of suburbia to those ridiculous ties your favorite science teacher would always wear. It’s fashion and beauty through the lens of having fun. Fun- a willingness to laugh at yourself, to subvert the status quo, to never take something like clothes too seriously- is what makes it all worth it. Maybe you wear nothing but kinky black leather miniskirts or maybe you walk everywhere in a cape that’s actually just a giant pride flag, but you still use your style to express who you are. And who you are is pretty fucking awesome

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