Kind of Tasteless Style Concepts

  • Rotting zombie dominatrix.
  • Crossdressing sky pirate as played by Robert De Niro.
  • The person playing piano in the background of any noir club scene.
  • A supervillain whose strategy for world domination involves pink flamingos.
  • ‘80’s boyband who all sport identical pale ill-tailored suits and terrifying frosted hair
  • Abercrombie + Fitch ads as written by Slavoj Zizek


  • The monster who lived in your closet as a child who was actually just a manifestation of your fear of the other, conquered only when you realize that you yourself were the other.
  • Muppets on acid.
  • Muppets on no mind altering substances whatsoever.
  • That guy I once saw on the subway who might have been hiding a live animal under his top hat.
  • Your least favorite great aunt.
  • Disco queen trapped in 19th century opera and dying of consumption.
  • My friend from fifth grade who always wore a leather jacket, even when we went to the pool.
  • Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as played by Kristen Stewart.
  • Goblin monarchy.


  • Rebellion leader who deposed the goblin monarchy using interpretative dance.
  • A superhero whose power is believing in themselves.
  • Someone who has their life together.
  • Whatever won the last round of Cards Against Humanity
  • The slow entropy of the universe.
  • A vampire whose idea of cool hasn’t changed since the 70’s.
  • The visual equivalent to how Bohemian Rhapsody makes you feel
  • The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
  • The weirdest kid in your middle school, the one who smeared their face with glitter war paint in art class and refused to wash it off and wore a prom dress to school one time (so… me, for anyone I attended middle school with).
  • Any lady on the cover of a vintage lesbian pulp novel.


  • If a vulture turned into a person and started a punk band.

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